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Full Name EVA
Test Subject # 02M-RFT42
Age/Gender 17 / Female
Nationality USA
Occupation High School Student
Masteries Thrown (E+)
Gold Icon.png (Gold) 122,000
Gem Icon.png (Gems) 900

1 Description

2 Abilities

2.1 Kinesis
2.2 Vital Crash

3 Statistics

3.1 1-4★ Character Stats

4 Skins

Description[edit | edit source]

Whenever anyone talked to her, she would just gently smile, and answer in a such way that nothing about herself was revealed. There is something mystifying and secretive about her.

Her pain receptors are insensitive so she often bumps into things and falls. She does not notice her bruises and wounds. She might seem frail due to her petiteness, however, she possesses a power that everyone would fear.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Kinesis[edit source]

Eva skill Kinesis.png Type: Passive
Controls melee weapons remotely to target an enemy, and the equipped weapon will be recognized as Thrown Mastery. (Only applicable to melee weapons and there will be no quantity limit. Ranged weapons cannot be used)

Vital Crash[edit source]

Eva skill Vital Crash.png Type: Field
Cooldown: 60 seconds
For 20 secs, Vital Crash effect will be activated.
Status Effect (On Self)
Eva skill Vital Crash.png Vital Crash (20 seconds)

Eva will receive 10% more damage, and earn 40% additional Mastery when she attacks.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Blade Bow Blunt Gun Stab Hand Thrown

5★ Stats Level 1 Level 18 Growth
Attack 14 56.5 2.5
Armor 13 50.4 2.2
HP 148 233 5
Stamina 140 208 4

Stats for All Characters
Level 1 Stats Eva Min. Average Max.
Stat Attack 14.0 12.0 14.14 18.0
Armor 13.0 12.0 14.33 22.0
Health 148.0 107.0 129.16 152.0
Stamina 140 96 114.14 140
Stats for All Characters
Level 18 Stats Eva Min. Average Max.
Stat Attack 56.5 40.9 52.17 58.8
Armor 50.4 37.0 50.74 58.2
Health 233.0 158.0 231.16 255.0
Stamina 208 100 203.88 259

1-4★ Character Stats[edit | edit source]

1★ Stats Level 1 Level 18 Growth
Attack 6 48.5 2.5
Armor 5 42.4 2.2
HP 132 217 5
Stamina 124 222 4

2★ Stats Level 1 Level 18 Growth
Attack 8 50.5 2.5
Armor 7 44.4 2.2
HP 136 221 5
Stamina 128 196 4

3★ Stats Level 1 Level 18 Growth
Attack 10 52.5 2.5
Armor 9 46.4 2.2
HP 140 225 5
Stamina 132 200 4

4★ Stats Level 1 Level 18 Growth
Attack 12 54.5 2.5
Armor 11 48.4 2.2
HP 144 229 5
Stamina 136 204 4

Skins[edit | edit source]

In-Game Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Eva is capable to handle all kinds of short-range weapons. However, do not forget that weapons can be destroyed.
  • Eva's field skill could raise her Mastery quickly, but greater risks are inevitable.

General[edit | edit source]

  • Eva can use any melee weapon (blade, stab, hand, blunt) as a "thrown" weapon. If a weapon defect occurs, try to remember where other melee-mastery players have died, so that you can take their weapons.
  • Avoid using Vital Crash during late-game; the extra damage will outweigh the bonus mastery. Instead, use Vital Crash more during early-game, as well as during fights with animals and Dr. Wickeline.
  • Other players can see when you're using Vital Crash, so they may run away. You may need to jump to noisy areas, in order to get the most use out of Vital Crash.

General[edit | edit source]

  • From Eva's character profile:
    • Eva is kind and gentle.
    • She has a strong mental ability.
    • She has a lot of secrets.
  • Eva's eyes glow when Vital Crash is in effect (both when playing Eva and when encountering an opponent Eva)

Eva Player Vital Crash.png Opponent Eva.png

  • Eva's weapons can defect, even though they are used as Thrown mastery.
  • If Eva is using a blade weapon or blade/stab weapon, the weapon will not be dulled by Sword Stopper. However, it can dull from random chance.
  • If Eva has no weapon equipped, her mastery will switch to hand (F). However, if she equips a hand weapon, her mastery will be thrown mastery.


Basic profile of 02M-RF42[edit | edit source]

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 17 ('19)
  • Height & Weight: 164cm, 45kg
  • Nationality: USA
  • Occupation: High School Student
  • Family: Parents and an older brother
  • Note: The information above was forged for school documentation purposes. This research journal was written by the Test Subject herself.

I can move or destroy distant objects. I can also fortify my body and release a glowing purple energy. I've taught myself how to control my powers over the past years, but sometimes I accidentally use it when my emotions become volatile.

I have spent more than half of my life in Dr.E's personal laboratory due to this power. I was optimistic, so I stayed in her laboratory for a long period of time believing in her promises that I can return to my normal body someday when the experiments end. Being alone in the lab for most of the time made me uncommunicative. Before, I used to laugh and talk to the point others would call it too much... But now it feels like I have forgot how to even smile. Thankfully, I was able to regain back my laughter by living as a student.

Living the life as a Test Subject, I began to slowly lose my sense of taste, smell and pain. My pain receptors, especially, could be considered almost entirely unfunctional. I can't feel pain, so I don't realize I have any severe wounds till my body gives out. I heard it was a side effect from using my powers. The more I use my powers, the more insensitive my nerve receptors get. Dr.E had always gave me a strange injection before I went to school. I'm not sure why, but my senses were restored... Although they're lost again due to having to use them a lot nowadays.

Will this much information about me... suffice?


Locked Journals [Must complete objective to unlock][edit | edit source]

Behavior Pattern [Craft Heated Frying Pan 1 time(s)][edit | edit source]

Weakness & Trauma [Inflict more than 1500 damage to enemy in a game][edit | edit source]

Like & Dislike [Use Mocha Bread 12 time(s)][edit | edit source]