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Black Survival is a game where 10 survivors fight until the last man standing. It is a multiplayer, strategy and survival game. There are many complex layers of gameplay and decision making to do, including crafting a massive variety of weapons, armor, and supplemental items for the sake of victory. The game features both PvP casual and ranked modes, along with AI and Private game options.

There are tiers of experience broken into two main groups: Herbivore and Carnivore League. Herbivore League is where new players learn the game and can cultivate their skills with people of similar skill level. The game provides new players in herbivore league with a very generous system of support: including free character revives, enough currency to buy whatever character piques your interest, and infinite supplies (which are supplementary starting materials that are easily obtainable even without premium currency).

Carnivore League is where the more experienced players go for ranked gameplay and are placed into tiers based on their level of proficiency. These tiers are broken up into Fox, Wolf, Lion, Bear, and Dragon ranks, with divisions of 5 within each. Black Survival prides itself on being free to play without any real pay to win mechanics. Any premium currency is merely used for cosmetics or convenience, but everything is extremely accessible to all players.

Check out the Rulebook or Beginner's Guide for more information on how to play!

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